Rain Garden Information

701 Mapes Road, Ft. Meade, MD 20755
Rain garden placed at entrance of EPA Environmental Science Center. Solved our problem of standing water and algae growth. The rain barrel now stands on the corner of the entrance on the left side of the garden.
Map of the Rain Garden Above
Additional Details:
Property Type:Institution (School, etc.)
Number of Rain Gardens Per Site: 1
Approximate Rain Garden Sq. Ft: 200 Sq. Ft
Approximate Paved Surface Sq. Ft: 700 Sq. Ft
Is the Soil Amended to Increase Permeability: yes
Is A Drain Pipe/French Drain Installed: no
Number of Rain Barrels Per Site: 1
Were the downspouts disconnected from
the storm sewer system and installed a rain
barrel or diverted water to garden: