Rain Garden Information

1601 Railroad Ave., Wilmington, DE 19808
This Bio-retention (Rain Garden) area is an engineered solution to allow the surface runoff from our new construction to infiltrate into the earth. The system consists of over 300 "rain tanks" buried below the mulched area. The tanks are enveloped in filter fabric and covered with a State approved filter media. The plantings are Yellowtwig dogwood,Inkberry,Winterberry and Arrowood.
Map of the Rain Garden Above
Additional Details:
Property Type:Commercial
Number of Rain Gardens Per Site: 1
Approximate Rain Garden Sq. Ft: 1560 Sq. Ft
Approximate Paved Surface Sq. Ft: 6000 Sq. Ft
Is the Soil Amended to Increase Permeability: no
Is A Drain Pipe/French Drain Installed: no
Were the downspouts disconnected from
the storm sewer system and installed a rain
barrel or diverted water to garden: