Rain Garden Information

24 Cypress Lane, Berwyn, PA 19312
This rain garden catches run-off from most of the house roof and a driveway, sloping from the street to the garage. The rain garden was sized to capture a 1 inch storm. It is located on a steep slope and is constructed with a high berm. We used an 80/20 mix of topsoil and compost. The plants are shade tolerant. The garden has already functioned well in a greater than 1 inch storm.
Map of the Rain Garden Above
Additional Details:
Property Type:Private Residential
Number of Rain Gardens Per Site: 1
Approximate Rain Garden Sq. Ft: 160 Sq. Ft
Approximate Paved Surface Sq. Ft: 1600 Sq. Ft
Is the Soil Amended to Increase Permeability: yes
Is A Drain Pipe/French Drain Installed: no
Number of Rain Barrels Per Site: 1
Were the downspouts disconnected from
the storm sewer system and installed a rain
barrel or diverted water to garden: